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What To Expect...



  • What is the service like? Typically our service lasts around 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • What is the worship like? We worship in a contemporary atmosphere. Our worship team aspires to express an overflow of how they worship daily throughout the week. Presence, not performance motivated. There is no pressure to create a concert-like experience. They want to lead in a way and they be followed and emulated, especially vocally. Typically, we prepare 3-4 songs and will leave room to linger in a song or two if the Spirit leads.
  • What type of a message is presented? Typically expositional, but sometimes topical. When expository, we start and finish a book. Pastor Marty is gifted in more of a measured teaching approach, versus an emotional preaching style, but guest speakers may be the opposite based on their respective gifting.  
  • What about my kids? Currently we have kids stay in during worship, and then go to the Media Center with our Children's Director during the transition to the message. 
  • Where do I park? Parking is available close to the door, on the back side of the school building (west side)
  • What do I wear? Casual! 
  • How can I get connected? Get with anyone in our congregation to find ways to connect. Pastor Marty is usually available before and after service as well.